Good news!

Well, it's one of those rare good days to be a publisher! Am very pleased to see all the Shirley Jackson Award nominees, but am excited to see Priya Sharma's "All the Fabulous Beasts" nominated for Single-Author Collection; "The Silent Garden: A Journal of Esoteric Fabulism," edited by the Silent Garden Collective, nominated for Edited Anthology: and D.P. Watt's story from The Silent Garden--'Blood and Smoke, Vinegar and Ashes'--nominated in the Novelette category. Congratulations to Priya, Dan, and the Collective, as well as to all the nominees. I may have a celebratory drink.

If that wasn’t enough, “All the Fabulous Beasts” is also a finalist in the 2019 Locus Awards. The book is currently just $2 at Amazon for the eBook.

And in more good news, I am extremely delighted to hear that Paula Guran is taking Simon Strantzas's story "In This Twilight," from his collection, NOTHING IS EVERYTHING, and D.P. Watt's story "Blood and Smoke, Vinegar and Ashes," from THE SILENT GARDEN, for the YEAR'S BEST DARK FANTASY & HORROR. Congratulations!!

Vote for the British Fantasy Awards 2019

Last couple of days to vote in the British Fantasy Awards!

As a member of the British Fantasy Society and / or an attendee of FantasyCon 2018 (Chester) or FantasyCon 2019 (Glasgow), you are eligible to vote in the British Fantasy Awards 2019.

For each category, you may vote for up to three titles. There is no requirement to complete all three fields for each category, or to vote for every category.

Please also indicate your eligibility to vote. This will be checked before your vote is counted.

A crowdsourced list of suggestions has been created here: You may vote for titles not on the suggestions list - this is just to help you generate ideas if you need some guidance.

All recommendations should ideally be accompanied with publication details: year of publication, publisher, and title of collection, magazine, editor, etc, if applicable. If the information supplied is insufficient for the BFA committee to establish eligibility the recommendations may be excluded from the ballot form.

Recommendations may not be made for the recommender’s own material. The British Fantasy Society discourages the practice of canvassing for votes.

The four titles or names with the highest number of recommendations will go forward to form the shortlist of nominations.

At the end of the voting form, there is also an opportunity to register your interest in being part of a jury for the 2019 awards.

Voting will remain open until Monday 29th April 2019.

Locus Awards

Dear Friends, Undertow Publications was honoured to hear that we have some nominations on the Locus Awards Ballot: BEST COLLECTION: All the Fabulous Beasts, Priya Sharma (Undertow) BEST EDITOR: Michael Kelly BEST NOVELETTE: “Son of the Sea”, Priya Sharma (All the Fabulous Beasts) Anyone can vote in the awards. You do not need to be a Locus subscriber. (Though they do want you to fill in a survey at the end of the ballot). If you're up to that, or if you're a Locus subscriber and want to show us some love, then please do consider voting. You can also write-in votes, i.e Best Book Publisher, etc. Just make sure your name and e-mail address are included with your submission. You can see the online ballot and vote here: Voting ends on April 15. We're a small publisher which prides itself on publishing great books, so your support really does matter, and really does help us become more visible. Ensuring we continue our work.

Indie Bound

We’ve partnered with to help independent booksellers across the U.S. If you purchase one of our books from our “Affiliate” page the sale will help support the entire network of Indie bookstores across the U.S., including shops in your local community. Please consider a purchase from this page. We love Indie bookshops and want to see them thrive.

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All the Fabulous Beasts

Priya Sharma’s debut collection continues to reap accolades. Ellen Datlow on Priya's "All the Fabulous Beasts," from her end-of-year roundup on Locus.

"There were a number of notable collections published, including All the Fabulous Beasts by Priya Sharma (Undertow), the long overdue debut of this talented author’s work, featuring 16 stories published since 2006, two of them original. Sharma makes a graceful shift between the fantastic and horror genres, and many of her stories have been in­cluded in Best of the Year anthologies. Her novelette “Fabulous Beasts” was nominated for the Shirley Jackson Award and won the British Fantasy Award. Highly recommended."

Please visit our shop or your favourite online vendor, to purchase a copy in paperback, hardcover, or eBook.

Production Update

Two new books are nearing completion. I expect bound proofs of Lynda Rucker’s “The Moon Will Look Strange,” and Georgina Bruce’s “This House of Wounds” any day now.

“The Moon Will Look Strange” is our first deluxe hardcover, and the first hardcover edition of this amazing collection. Highly collectable. Once I’m happy with the proof, I will open up to pre-orders. It’s strictly limited to 100 copies for sale, and based on early interest I expect they will go fast. Specs and pricing for this exciting edition are here:

“This House of Wounds” has an official publication date of June 4. The ‘On Sale” date is March 12—that is the date that the book will be available by my distributor for sale to vendors, libraries, book buyers, and pre-orders. You can also pre-order in Trade paperback and hardcover right here:

Pre-orders through Undertow will ship earlier than the June 4 publication date. Prices include shipping.

You can always take advantage of our subscription offer, and get all 3 of our original 2019 releases at a significant discount:



New site

Welcome to the new home of Undertow Publications. As the business has grown, it was time to move to a larger, more versatile site that could seamlessly integrate our products and our e-commerce needs. We wanted to give our customers—and ourselves—peace of mind. This new site and the shop are totally secure. We’re still ironing out the layout and design, but we now have the flexibility to grow and build the site, and our line. Thank you for being a part of the Undertow family.