Production Update

Two new books are nearing completion. I expect bound proofs of Lynda Rucker’s “The Moon Will Look Strange,” and Georgina Bruce’s “This House of Wounds” any day now.

“The Moon Will Look Strange” is our first deluxe hardcover, and the first hardcover edition of this amazing collection. Highly collectable. Once I’m happy with the proof, I will open up to pre-orders. It’s strictly limited to 100 copies for sale, and based on early interest I expect they will go fast. Specs and pricing for this exciting edition are here:

“This House of Wounds” has an official publication date of June 4. The ‘On Sale” date is March 12—that is the date that the book will be available by my distributor for sale to vendors, libraries, book buyers, and pre-orders. You can also pre-order in Trade paperback and hardcover right here:

Pre-orders through Undertow will ship earlier than the June 4 publication date. Prices include shipping.

You can always take advantage of our subscription offer, and get all 3 of our original 2019 releases at a significant discount: