Locus Awards

Dear Friends, Undertow Publications was honoured to hear that we have some nominations on the Locus Awards Ballot: BEST COLLECTION: All the Fabulous Beasts, Priya Sharma (Undertow) BEST EDITOR: Michael Kelly BEST NOVELETTE: “Son of the Sea”, Priya Sharma (All the Fabulous Beasts) Anyone can vote in the awards. You do not need to be a Locus subscriber. (Though they do want you to fill in a survey at the end of the ballot). If you're up to that, or if you're a Locus subscriber and want to show us some love, then please do consider voting. You can also write-in votes, i.e Best Book Publisher, etc. Just make sure your name and e-mail address are included with your submission. You can see the online ballot and vote here: Voting ends on April 15. We're a small publisher which prides itself on publishing great books, so your support really does matter, and really does help us become more visible. Ensuring we continue our work.