Additions to our Contemporary Classics line

We are thrilled to announce that volumes 3 and 4 in our Contemporary Classics line will be John Langan’s “The Fisherman,” and Brian Evenson’s “Contagion.” The first hardcover editions of these classics. Each strictly limited to 100 signed and numbered hardback copies. Customers who purchased previous volumes in the line will get first opportunity to match their number.

Currently, volume 2 in the line, Joel Lane’s “The Lost District,” is scheduled for October. “The Fisherman” is tentatively scheduled for March 2020, and “Contagion” for May 2020. We are moving to a printer who can actually do a tip-in, though in the case of the Lane book there is no signature, obviously. Though, what do people think of a facsimile signature? We could scan Joel’s signature. As a tribute. Or is it tacky?

We are extremely pleased to be able to offer these deluxe hardcover editions. We hope you like them.