Award news

We are absolutely thrilled to hear that Priya Sharma’s collection ALL THE FABULOUS BEASTS won the Shirley Jackson Award! We are so pleased for Priya. Our other two nominated works — THE SILENT GARDEN, and D.P. Watt’s “Blood and Smoke, Vinegar and Ashes” — did not win, but we are very grateful for the recognition.

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees!

In other news that I've been shortlisted for a British Fantasy Award for Best Anthology (Year's Best Weird Fiction Vol. 5) alongside my esteemed co-editor Robert Shearman. Gobsmacked! We're in tough against Dan Coxon, Mark Morris, Ellen Datlow, Sarah Doyle, and Allen Ashley. Honestly don't expect to win. Just pleased anyone has taken notice of the series, at all. Thank you!

I'll be at the awards ceremony. See you all there!

Undertow is also extremely pleased and happy to see Priya Sharma's ALL THE FABULOUS BEASTS shortlisted, along with the great story "A Son of the Sea," from the collection. And so happy for Georgina Bruce, as her story from THE SILENT GARDEN--"Her Blood the Apples, Her Bones the Trees"--is on the shortlist. An amazing story, imo.

I must say, though, that I am over the moon for Vince Haig, our art director, making the shortlist for Best Artist. Truly well-deserved.

Congratulations all!! It's an amazing list to be on.