Raffle winners

We have drawn the winners in our charity raffle to raise funds to help migrants being held in deplorable conditions.

We had 110 entries. Meaning you donated $550! Thank you!

The winners were chosen completely at random. For every $5 donated, your name was added to a master Excel list. i.e if you donated $25, your name was listed 5 times. To pick the winners I went to the website random.org. I then entered the values 1 to 110 (the number of entries). As Carolyn witnessed, I drew the 5th place prize first, and the 1st place prize last. These are the random numbers generated in that order: 1, 66, 9, 96, and 85.

Here, then, are the winners of our charity raffle:

Steve Duffy wins prize #5: Any 3 trade paperbacks from the Undertow catalogue. A $60 value.

Christopher Ropes wins prize #4: A hardcover copy of ALL THE THINGS WE NEVER SEE, signed by Michael Kelly. $30 value.

Harmony Neal wins prize #3: A hardcover copy of NOTHING IS EVERYTHING, signed by Simon Strantzas. $30 value.

Chris Shearer wins prize #2: A copy of THE SILENT GARDEN: A JOURNAL OF ESOTERIC FABULISM. A deluxe, oversize, fully-illustrated hardcover. A 2018 Shirley Jackson Award Finalist. $50 value.

And Gary Couzens wins prize #1: A copy of the deluxe, signed limited edition leather-bound THE MOON WILL LOOK STRANGE, by Lynda E. Rucker. One of only 100 produced for sale. $60 value.

Thank you all for participating. We did something good, I think. I'll be contacting the winners to arrange shipment of prizes.

All our best,

Michael & Carolyn